22 July 2015


The Jess in her natural state.

As I'm a newbie to the lotions and potions blogosphere, I thought it's only polite to introduce myself!

As my bio suggests, I'm 25 and live in Sheffield. By day I work as a Project Coordinator for a big phone company. By night I watch Don't Tell the Bride" in my pyjamas. I have a sweet little fluff ball, Archie and a hobbit boyfriend, Kieran. I'm really nerdy and love anything pink, strawberry flavoured and/or sparkly.

 I'm relatively new to the world of beauty even though I studied it at college - I can wax, I can massage but make up has always been a no/no in my skill set.

This was generally due to my over sensitive, pale and all round awkward skin. I've also always been a little lacking in the natural beauty department. I watched that film "The Duff" a few months back and spent the whole hour and 50 minutes thinking 'this is my life...'

But nowadays the "English rose" look is a novelty and I plan on embracing it fully!

So, this is me embracing it!
*big squidgy hug*

I started this blog for 2 reasons.

1) I was going through a slight quarter life crisis and made myself resolutions to stop being so lazy and make more of an effort instead of rolling out of bed every morning.

2) I find writing and creating extremely calming. I sometimes suffer from anxiety and I like recording my thoughts and hearing what others have to say.

So that's a little about me.
Please feel free to leave me a comment and stand by for more to come!

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