20 July 2015


So at the weekend I received my first (and definitely not the last) delivery from MAC - details of products in my previous post.

The first products I tried out were Phloof! and Paradisco eyeshadow and Viva Glam II lipstick.
I wore them to a family BBQ and tried to keep it natural.

Phloof! is a really nice base to work on. MAC describe it as a 'frosted off white' but my skin tone tends to make it look a tad whiter than in the palette.

I ordered Paradisco because I had seen a look on YouTube that I wanted to create and this colour was very similar.
I had read mixed review about it but decided to give it a go.
Although I love the colour and will definitely use again I can say that it is 'buildable' and does take a bit of work to get the desired colour and even then, I wanted it a bit darker.
I do think it's very dependant on your skin tone and type but I would recommend if your looking for something less vibrant.

I added Viva Glam II to my lips and fell in love. I've worn this colour for work everyday and it has stayed on until late afternoon without reapplying.
The colour is only a few shades different to my natural lip colour but it does wonders. I would highly recommend this shade as a staple for your collection!

I covered the lid in Phloof! and lower corner then applied Paradisco to the mid to outer crease (MANY times). I added Carbon shadow on my top lash line to act as a subtle liner.

Ta Dah!

I'm looking forward to trying the rest. Have you guys ever used Paradisco? And what are your thoughts?

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