26 July 2015


I've been scouting around for my holiday essentials and I was on the look out for a tinted moisturiser when I came across these BB creams.

For those not in "the know" BB stands for Blemish Balm.
They are light coverage with moisturising, SPF and softening properties all mixed into one.
Perfect for anyone who doesn't want the bulkiness of a foundation but still isn't confident to bare all.

I was originally looking into the Rimmel BB Cream but when I tested both the Rimmel and the Maybelline together, the Rimmel was just a little bit thick and nowhere near as smooth. It reminded me a little of Dream Matte Mousse in texture.
So I decided to go with the Dream Fresh BB by Maybelline. It retails at around £7.99 and comes in 2 tones - Light and Medium. There are also other products Dream Pure and Dream Bronze.

First Impressions
The tube seems a little on the small side but we will see how long it lasts. 
The texture is smooth and very much like a primer and I would say rivals the likes of Benefits Porefessional.
The coverage is pretty impressive as you can see from the comparison pic (it seems to cover my post shower blotchyness very well!)

As you can see I look a lot more alive! 
It has even'ed out my skin tone, reduced the redness and actually brightened my face.

I would definitely recommend to anyone and I'm excited to see how the SPF works on my holibobs.

UPDATE: I can confirm that even after a long 8 hours at work the coverage was brilliant. It however didn't survive the hour long after work nap!

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