18 July 2015


I love Next! My whole living room looks like a Next showroom, the furniture, the curtains, the pillows...EVERYTHING! Unfortunately one thing I don't like is queues and pushy people so I try and avoid the Next sales. Well that was until I realised all the best stuff is in store - Note to Next: This is really sneaky!

So this morning I geared myself up for a visit at 9am (I wish I could do the 3am queue up but I love my sleep to much!). Surprisingly there was around 5 people in the whole store! A few empty shelves that I may of missed out on but still a lot of stuff to chose from. I was on a mission for a few bits and I came out 15 minutes later carrying 2 bags!! *smiley face*

So just to share my happiness - this is my Next haul.

Some cute bits for the bedroom - pics to come when the boyfriend has put them up. Bird hanging - £1.50, flowers - £3, pictures - £3!

A little beanbag that I've wanted for so long! (£25 instead of £50)

A little flower for our kitchen window - £3

All in all, a successful morning! xD

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  1. Yay! I do love a next sale, you should brave the 3am queue, once you are there the atmosphere is amazing. I prefer the rush to the wandering you get on a normal saturday :)