25 July 2015


A bit of background...I used to be a tad addicted to fake tan. I used to get discount on Fake Bake from the wholesalers so to try and get myself to the same level as my naturally tanned friends I used to lather it on every weekend. But when my boyfriend moved in I had to sacrifice the biscuit smell and the orange sheets which I was more than happy to do...mostly.

I've been free of tan for around a year now...with the exceptions of maybe 2 occasions.
It's now 5 weeks until holiday and I really can't take the paleness when everyone is getting browner! As much as I accept my lack of colour...a slightly less whiter shade would be appreciated.

So I went on a mission for a gradual tanner.

After trying out St Tropez In Shower Lotion and Dove Summer Glow I decided to buy Garnier Summer Body. I used to use this when I was around 15 before fake tan was as much of a staple as it was nowadays. It used to leave you slightly orange if you didn't watch what you were doing but did give you a nice colour.

I put some on last night and went to bed hoping for a miracle.
When I woke up I couldn't really see a difference until I rolled over to snuggle my boyfriend - THERE WAS COLOUR! We are usually the same shade of pale but I was darker! I would say I'm probably at least a foundation shade darker which is more than fine by me!

The only downside is no matter how much you scrub your hands after applying there still seems to be that little bit of Orange that you can't shift between your fingers!

I've got quite a warm pinky/red undertone so this tan doesn't really look too orange on. I'll definitely be applying again as it gives just the right amount of colour - Not like I've been dunked in a tub of Nutella, although that sounds tasty. 

What's everyone's go too tan?


  1. Love this stuff! I go between this and St. Moriz Gradual Tan lotion for my face

    1. I didn't even know St Moriz did a gradual tan! :O Is it a bit lighter than the actual fake tan? Because I'm so pale St Moriz basically changes my race lol! Xx