23 July 2015


After a hard day at work there is nothing I like more than to fill the bath with bubbles and wack on a face mask.

For my birthday my friend made me a little gift basket with some goodies in it so I'm putting then to good use today. I'm giving myself a well deserved pamper and watching X Men - First Class.

My pampering consists of:
NSPA body scrub from ASDA - I absolutely love this stuff! it smells scrumptious and is only £3 and lasts AGES! A good scrub once a week keeps my cellulite at bay!

My body wash is from Aldi - they have their own dupe of Original Source at a smidgen of the price.

I like to give my hair a treat once a week with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatment - it leaves your hair so shiny and soft.

What's your favourite bath time products? Any recommendations? 

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