20 July 2015


Now we're half way through summer and what better way to fight off the holiday blues than make your fingers and toes look like you've dipped them in happiness.....
OK, lots of things are better but pretty nails will make your day a tiny bit easier.

I bought these colours at the beginning of summer and wear them continuously.

I'm a big fan of pastel colours and I think they brighten up your look, even my stubby nails!

They are both by Rimmel - I can't speak more highly about them. I feel their nail products are so easy to use and I've found that they even rival bigger brands. A lot of them have thick brushes which I love  and is great if your not the most skilled or in a rush. The brush is below if you haven't used Rimmel before.

The pink is Lose your Lingerie - This colour just pops but you may need around 3 coats to get a nice thick and even coverage.

The yellow is Love Bug in the Love Hearts collection - The colour is very bright so does show up
any mistakes easily and it also dries matte so you do need a top coat to bring it back to life (or keep it
 matte, the choice is yours!)

I can safely say these colours have replaced my summery mint green I was obsessed with last year!

What's been your go too summer colour this year?

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