24 July 2015


As hopeless as I am, hair is not a strong point of mine! I have 3 styles of up, straight or wavey. 
(Part of the reason why I love shorter hair!)

Now I used to watch the Channel 4 version of this years ago on a Saturday morning so when I seen that it had come back on screen I did a little happy dance. Due to my lack of skill in the area I really enjoy seeing all this creativity...that I could never in a million years do!

For those that have not seen it, it's a competition where 10 hairstylists come together to battle it out over various hair related challenges...think Top Model but with hair.

For those that have been watching, I'm #TeamKellie and #TeamRebecca. I think they are ridiculously talented and I loved their 1920's hair.

I would definitely give it a watch, go to BBC catch up, now!!

Has anyone else been watching?

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