13 August 2015


As a big boob lady I encounter a lot of hassle on a daily basis.
I can safely say I go through all the below issues on a day to day basis!
So I thought I would share them in hope that other big boobed ladies can appreciate (and have a giggle)

Not being able to have a conversation with anyone (male or female) without noticing subtle or not so subtle glance at your lovelies.
I know they are distracting but please, just try.

A lot of my friends when drunk like to grab them or just plain stick their heads in them. A random person actually honked them before...safe to say he got a drink poured over his head.

Buttons are the bane of my life. I always love the idea of shirts but lets face it, your either gonna end up with a gaping hole 3 buttons down (that you don't actually notice because your boobs restrict your view) or you are wearing the baggiest, most unflattering shirt known to man.

Necklaces - Too delicate and they emphasize the sheer volume of your boobs. Too big and it gets lost in your cleavage.
Across body bags - Not so much across body than snuggled in between your bosom.
Scarves - In the winter you purchase a big knitted scarf...that when tied restricts your coat from buttoning up.

Bra'S actually cost more than a deposit for a house. 
Seriously, most people can buy a bra for £10 from Primark but I have to order mine online and spent
between £30-£40. (I shop at Figleaves.com...just in case your curious)

Even the best sports bra (costing around £40 or more!) struggles to hold my babies in place. I once tried aqua aerobics and had to move to the deeper water because my boobs were splashing so much water in my face. And don't even get me started on exercise where sit ups or yoga is involved.

Has anyone else ever sat down to eat their sunday dinner only to notice that they have accidentally dipped their boobs into their gravy!? Or eaten popcorn or crisps and ended up with leftovers between their cleavage? Your not the only one.

Apparently the average DD pair weighs around 6lbs...that is nearly half a stone!
That is a newborn baby.
This is half a Christmas turkey.
That's a lot of weight to be carrying around 24/7.

So yeah, big boobs can be a massive pain in the ass but they have their uses.
They are great for carrying things when your hands are full and they come in handy when closing and opening doors.

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