12 August 2015


I'm always out to try new products so when I seen this one I was interested to see what it was all about.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my skin is ridiculously sensitive.
I've suffered with psoriasis since I was about 10 years old - sometimes more than others.
It flares up all over my body - my face, my neck, my stomach and even occasionally my bum cheek!
My triggers are usually stress and sudden changes in temperature and I have been using the same prescription for around 12 years.

Although my prescribed ointment does the trick - a week of constant use and it disappears for a few weeks - it is very greasy and gets everywhere! This being the case I always keep my eye out for products that you can wear during the day.

So, I bring you the Dermatique Recuperating Cream.

Dermatique describe the product as a deep moisturising formula that repairs the skin's protective barrier. It is said to soothe irritation and rehydrate dry skin. It contains no fragrance or steroids and is ideal for eczema and psoriasis.
It prices at £29.50 for 100ml. You can also purchase smaller "tester" pots from their website here.
The packing is very simple and clean, it sort of reminds me of Clarin's products.
I was surprised by the size of the pot and impressed at how much product is actually in it!

The cream itself I thought would be quite thick as when you scoop it out it looks a little like cottage cheese but its actually more of a water based sun cream texture.
I've read other reviews that have commented about the scent - I personally don't think it has a scent. After a certain period of time it does mix with the body's scent and produced an antiseptic-esque odour - but a shower will obviously get rid of this.
As with a lot of products aimed towards skin conditions they are not perfumed as most conditions are irritated by this so won't have a very "nice" smell.

The watery cream is easy to apply but is slightly sticky as most good moisturisers are so I would wait at least 20 minutes until putting clothes on.
When I first put the cream on there was a slight tingling/stinging sensation along with a little bit of itching but nothing else. This feeling does go away after using the cream a few times.

After using the cream for just under a week I was surprised to see how well it had worked.
Here you can see the results for yourself on my stomach.


All in all, I'm really impressed!
As you can see my skin has returned to its normal "pale to the point of transparent" colour and the redness has decreased significantly.

I have been applying once a day for the last 4 days. I usually wouldn't recommend a product after such a short period of time but the results really do speak for themselves.
Although it doesn't do anything different to my usual prescribed ointment it is much easier to wear during the day as my ointment is thick and greasy.
The price does seem a little steep to pay for a moisturiser at £29.50 but if you spend £20 on a mascara then I'm pretty sure you can fork out for something to perfect your skin.

I am going on holiday in 3 weeks so hope to be psoriasis free for then and will definitely be taking this with me.

Thank you to Dermatique for sending this product out - it has really been a life changer and you have definitely found a new customer in me.

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