17 August 2015


FINALLY! I am on holiday countdown!

We booked our first holiday abroad during the first week of January. It has been the longest 9 months of my life but it is finally here!
My summer body is severely lacking but that doesn't mean I can't look hot!
So the first item on my list is NAIL POLISH.
I am a big lover of pink when it comes to my nails so I invested in these scrummy colours.
The left is Peachella and the right is InStyle Coral - both are £2.99. They both look a little different on than they do in the bottle. Peachella is has an orange-tint to it
and the coral is more or a watermelon colour.
As I've said previously Rimmel are my favourite for nail polish as the applicator is so easy to use.

 Next on my list, MASCARA.
When people ask what one product would you want on a desert island, mine would be mascara. Without mascara I feel naked. I could easily go a day without foundation but mascara is a no! no!
My usual mascara is quite thick and I wanted something I could just chuck on but still make a noticeable different so I decided to Maybelline Lash Sensational - £6.99

I've heard a lot of reviews about the standard Lash Sensational and as it is a holiday I thought waterproof would be a wise move. I have never actually used one of these mascara brushes before so I will definitely be posting a review soon.

And the final "to-do" for this weeks holiday prep is BROWS.
I usually get HD Brows and although I think they are brilliant if you are looking to thicken or reshape your brows once you have the desired shape I don't think £25 every month is really needed.
So I have been looking for a homemade alternative.

I invested in Eylure Pro Brow Dybrow - £7.50 - in Black.
I'm pretty sure you can get it in other colours - Brown and Dark Brown - but I have only seen the black in stores.
I did a test run of the colour last night and it is very subtle. Although I would definitely recommend using vaseline or something to stop the purple ring around your brows from the dye.
I have teamed this with Boots Smooth Care Facial Wax Strips which make really good eyebrow wax strip if you cut them in half and half again. And there you have it, my DIY brows.

So there you have it, my first lot of holiday prep. Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks additions.


  1. This it probably my favourite part of going on holiday. I ditched mascara on holiday and got eyelash extensions, they are the best if you can't live without mascara.


    1. I love eyelash extensions but I just can't afford the infills and I get really depressed when they fall out and my eyelashes go back to normal! :(