2 August 2015


Today we took a trip to Lush and after smelling and trying EVERYTHING in the store. This is what we came out with.

"Mint Julips" Lip Scrub/£5.50 - It smells like mint cake and feels quite "salt" like in texture. I've never tried Lush's lip exfoliant and my lips do get very dry through out the year.

"It Started with a Kiss" Lip Stain/£5.95 - After looking in MAC for a pink lipstick I finally persuaded the boyfriend to let me buy the lip stain due to its moisturizing properties. The colour is bold but still quite subtle. I'm looking forward to testing this out properly to see how the colour lasts.

"Ocean Salt" Face and Body Scrub/£7.75 - I'm a bit of a religious facial exfoliater. I tend to do this once a week in combination with a face mask (and a big bubbly bath). I find a lot of female face scrubs aren't very "granular" and I can't really feel any effect so I had to give this one a try when I felt the scrub on my hand. I currently use my boyfriends scrub (I know, shame on me!) so he will be pleased! I went for the smaller tub to test but they do also sell a bigger pot.

And on to the main event - The bath bombs!
Here we have (L-R)
Honey Bee - According to the website this contains Orange, Aloe Vera and Honey. Although I can't really smell anything it does smell subtly sweet.
Dragons Egg - It smells very citrus/lemon'y and there a little flecks of orange and green within it (that you my pitiful iPhone camera obviously can't pick up!)
Butterball - The lovely Lush lady (ha, alliteration) said that this is perfect for dry or skin in need of a little replenishment. It smells like coco butter.
Twilight - It contains Lavender and so aids in sleep and has calming properties. I got this for tonight as this weekend has been horrible and I need to just chill!

I'm really looking forward to trying these products as I've never used any of these before.
I did also have my eye on R&B Hair Treatment but unfortunately my budget was pretty strict 
*sad face*

Has anyone tried these products? What do we think? 

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