17 August 2015


After a random Saturday trip to Meadowhall to get some little bits for holiday how could we not take a teeny look in Lush.

As we hadn't been in Lush since before the Oxford St exclusives were shipped out it was nice to have a look around at all the new products.

Out of all of them Intergalactic was definitely my favourite especially after seeing the demonstration.

It has a fruity/citrusy fragrance and looks mesmerizing when dissolving in the bath. 
The pinks/blues/yellows mix together to create a galaxy type effect which I would believe create the Intergalactic name.

In addition to this, I got a Creamy Candy Bubble Bar.
As cool as the bath bombs are, my heart will always lie with bubbles.

Lush describe it as a "sweet treat to lift your mood" and I can't wait to use this after a crappy day.
The Cocoa Butter and Vanilla mixed together with Almond Extract gives it a slightly sweet, candy fragrance.

I also popped a little Charity Pot into my bag before I left. 
If you have never bought one before they are tiny pots the size of lip balm's and only cost £1. 
They give all the proceeds to the selected charity and only take the VAT. 
The hand and body lotion contains Rosewood Oil and Shea Butter and this month was being donated to Save the Badgers.
Even without the charitable feeling the lotions is silky soft and smells luscious!

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