31 August 2015


When I've had a pants day, all I want to do is buy some cake and jump into bed with a film that makes me smile.
Just in case you've had one of these day or your a little depressed about going back to work tomorrow, give one of these bad boys a go!


The new age "When Harry Met Sally".
In my opinion, every relationship should be this way. Like your with your best friend.
I watched this film countless times when I was single and going through confusing bloke situations. Even now when I'm practically married I still turn to this film for that little pick me up.


It has songs and sarcasm, what more do you need!?
I've watched this film so much I could recite, sing and dance the whole film, no prompting necessary.
I also have the soundtrack on my Spotify so I can get a quick pick me up, no matter where I am.


The trials and tribulations of Carrie and her BFF's are one's I have followed since I was younger 
(and probably shouldn't of been watching SATC!)
This started as a break up film (I promise there weren't that many break ups!) but has steadily kept it's place on the list due to the quick wit and glamour.


The newest to the list!
From the moment I watched this film (3 times in a row) it made me feel like a true Disney film should. 
I actually like this version better than the animated Disney Cinderella.
I'm really looking forward to the new Beauty and the Beast to come out in 2017 as this was one of my favourites as a little girl (check IMDB, the cast looks perfect!)


I'll admit this one gets put aside by the newer films to my list but it is the longest running film on my list. 
I've been watching this film for my fuzzy feeling since it came out and my Gran and I watched it for the first time (I was 10!) 

What are your feel good films?

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