2 August 2015


When the boyfriend and I first moved up to Sheffield we tried to make it a little tradition that the weekend of payday we would take a trip to Meadowhall, have a mooch and stock up on Lush products for the month.
Due to paying for holidays and general life we haven't done this for quite a few months.
So we decided to change that.
I set myself a budget and headed out (which I completely blown. No more treats - or food - this month!)

The first place I usually go is Debenhams for the MAC and Benefit counter (2 of my favourite brands) but as soon as I started swatching things the boyfriend dragged me out of the shop - kicking and screaming "I need pink lipstick".

After splurging a fair bit on Lush goodies - separate post to come shortly! - we headed to the clothes shops.

New Look
Grey "All You Need is Chocolate" Tshirt
Paisley shorts
Pale pink slingback heels
Rust sleeveless cardigan
Khaki duster jacket.
A very random array of sale items (bar the duster coat which I have been pining for over the last few months). 

Mickey Mouse Denim Shirt
Longline Vest Top
Grey Dipped Hem Tshirt
Summer or no summer, you can't beat a casual top and some leggings! It is my ideal version of comfort! 

Red Cami Top
I rarely nip into Topshop - due to my slightly well endowed chest and the fact that nothing in Topshop fits over them - but I have wanted this cami for months! As there were no size 14's in any other colours this is the only one I bought, but will be ordering more online.

All in all a complete fail of a clothes shop - as I have only bought 2 things for holiday which was the whole reason for the clothes shop!

After the  failed clothes shop we did a few boyfriend shops like Game, Red5 etc.

For those of you who know me will know, I'm a little bit nerdy. I love gadgets and general nerdy things. So I couldn't help but by myself this POP! Vinyl Loki as I love Thor (and I love Tom Hiddlestone)

We then ended our little outing with a trip to Ed's Diner as I've never actually been before!
Although the food was nice I think you pay for the atmosphere more than the food - no different to the burgers at F&B's or TGI's.

All in all - A productive Sunday!

Check out my Lush Haul post later tonight!

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