28 August 2015


As there are a lot of blog awards flying around I thought I would share the love.
Thank you Sarah @ SarahSparkles.co.uk for my nomination. Give her a follow, her blog is cracking!
She did nominate me around a week ago but I thought I would team this up for a #FF (Hashtag Follow Friday)

  • First of all the rules of this award (just in case like me, you’ve never done this before):
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Write seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate other bloggers to pass this award on
More about the Versatile Blogger Awards can be found here

1) I was born in Nuneaton
Although I say I'm from Leicestershire I was actually born in Nuneaton and lived in Tamworth for the first 8 years of my life. I moved up to Sheffield a year ago but miss the Midlands on a daily basis.
2) I have only broken one bone in my body 
This was my big toe. I did it when I was 20, hungover and wearing XXL tracksuit bottoms. I dropped a plate of chinese down the stairs and tried to catch it to stop it making a mess. In the process I nearly fell down the stairs but landed on my big toe and snapped it. My Dad didn't believe me until I came home with a picture of the x-ray.
3) I have 3 sugars in my tea
Yes, this is a ridiculous amount of sugars to have but I just like sweet tea. If I go to Costa or Starbucks I sometimes use 5 sachets *face palm* I've tried to limit my tea intake to once or twice a week to make up for the amount of sugars I have!
4) I have 2 tattoo's
I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and just wanted one so I had my initials on the back of my neck (nice and classy) Thankfully it is a rare occasion that anyone see's it. I also have a charm bracelet on my ankle with a daisy hanging from it. I got this when I was 22. I love this tattoo but I would love to have it made a little more detailed and realistic.
5) I have my weetabix with hot water and sugar
I don't really like milk on its own (or any dairy products for that matter) but I really liked the idea of weetabix. My Dad suggested (I think as a joke?) to have hot water instead of warm milk - I haven't looked back since. It kind of tastes like porridge but without the lumpy bits.
6) My dream job would be an English teacher or a vet
I always wanted to be a vet ever since I was little (apart from when I wanted to be a tornado chaser, bit difficult in England though) and when I went to Upper School I wanted to be an English teacher. Unfortunately, I wasn't the greatest/most mature child and did shockingly bad in my GCSE's. By the time I grew up and got some GCSE's behind me my parents wanted me to get a job instead of spending 2 years doing my A levels and then a further 3 or 4 years at Uni. My career path at the minute isn't bad, has the potential to be good money but I would of loved to achieve my dreams. Maybe one day?
7) I have taken my theory test twice - and passed
This is a horrible fact but I never really "needed" to drive. I always lived within walking/bus distance of everything and wanted to have my own space more than my own car. When I was 17 I took my driving theory test, passed and had around 8 driving lessons. I then didn't even touch a steering wheel until recently (8 years later). I re took my theory test last year and have started driving lessons again. Safe to say I now regret this decision and wish I had done my test when I was younger, stayed at home and saved up for a mortgage. Ah, regrets!

Although I think 15 people is a little excessive (sorry VBA) I've chosen 5 blogs that inspire me to make mine better and make me giggle on a regular basis. Check out their blogs, seriously! :)
My nominations go to *drum roll* 
Molli - @_Molli_ - https://alongcamemolli.wordpress.com/
Laura - 
@LauraHadleyx - http://www.laurahadley.co.uk/

Emer - @Dustypearle - http://dustypearle.com/
Olivia - @ORedfern1 - http://oliviaredfern.blogspot.co.uk/
Hollie - @Hlllzbth - http://hlllzbth.com/

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  1. Great post! I'm definitely going to try the Weetabix idea as I also don't like milk on cereal - thanks for the tip! :o)