7 August 2015


There's nothing I love more than a nice night in front of the TV!
Whether it's watching a film or binge watching on Netflix's it is my perfect lazy activity.
So when I see that some of my favorite shows are on the same night I dig out the Haribo and settle on down!

My Wednesday night started with Pretty Little Liars.

I've only just started watching PLL (literally 2 weeks ago - I binged watched a whole 5 and a bit series in less than 2 weeks!) but I am hooked! It reminds me of Desperate Housewives at High School.
I've watched it that much my boyfriend actually hums the titles tune in the shower! Oops!
I love Aria and Hanna's style and Spencer's "no bullshit" attitude.
I am in denial that season 3/4 even happened as I wasn't a massive fan of them - thankfully there was a nice themed recap episode so if you feel the same you can skip through...but you shouldn't!
I am truly gutted that it is the last episode next week for at least another year!

Next we have Great British Bake Off.

Many international readers might not know but The Great British Bake Off is a BIG deal!
I love baking but rarely have time to experiment outside of sponge cakes. I'm a very fussy eater but you can't go wrong with baked goods!
This week the contestants were creating cakes - They had to create their own take on Madeira cake and a Black Forest Gateaux. They also had a technical challenge of Walnut cake with caramelized walnut's.
The technical challenges really fascinate me as there are so many different versions of one basic recipe.
Next week is one of my favorites - BISCUITS!
In true bake off style this weekend I will be making my own Madeira cake - keep your eyes out to see how this goes!

To complete my night we finished with Don't Tell The Bride.

There are 2 things I enjoy on a daily basis - Weddings and moaning about how useless men are.
DTTB combines both!!
I am SO pleased that DTTB has moved back over to BBC Three. It just didn't have the same POW! on BBC1 (or was it BBC2...I can't even remember!)
This week we had a lovely couple from Worksop (just up the road from me!!)
The DJ groom was planning a wedding for his vintage loving bride with the help from his mate 'Afro'.
Standard procedure - guy wants a ridiculous wedding, he has no idea what a budget is and a whole lot of cringe worthy moments.
Top quality TV!

So that was my Wednesday night!

*Apologies this post is a little late - my laptop decided to go on strike!*

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