8 August 2015


I'm excited to share with you something I've been waiting for the last week to turn up!
My adult colouring book! (Or mindful colour as it is known)

Yes, I know it sounds silly but "adult colouring" is actually a thing.
The concentration on staying in the lines and choosing the different colours is meant to calm your mind and keep any pesky anxious thoughts at bay.

I bought mine from Amazon for £3.99 - there are a selection of different "designs" from flowers, enchanted forests and sea life.

The pictures are detailed and the whole book has more pages than I thought it would.
You can use colouring pencil's or pens as the paper is really thick.

This is my little bunny that I coloured in last night! Ain't he cute! :)

If you are interested in joining in on the fun you can find these products here.

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