7 September 2015


We are ready to rock and roll!

I look like a smartly dressed hobo in my leggings, big tshirt, hoody and trainers - I told you I like to be comfy, let's not judge!
Kieran isnt the biggest fan of my attire. He's lucky I didn't come in my pyjamas!

I look so awkward in this photo as I REALLY hate flying. Not so much flying but more the taking off part! The roar of the engines and the slow, gradual horribleness just makes me so anxious.
I was reading a blog post before we left about coping with flying which hopefully will of given me a bit more courage! I've completely forgot whose it was but I will link as soon as I track it down!

I'm also a little bit silly as I wondered round the duty free and picked up some Opium perfume and some make up only to realise that I've left my bank card at home! Serious face palm moment as I put everything back and walked off in a sulk.

I did manage to convince Kieran to buy me a little purse from Accesorize though! I seen a beautiful little bag and hat but dragging an autumn wardrobe on holiday probably isn't the best idea. I had 16kg in my luggage as it is.

So that's us ready to go.

Tenerife we are coming for you!

Wish me a safe flight guys and I will share all with you when I am back! :)

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