30 September 2015


As you may or may not know I have a little ball of fluff in my life, and his name is Archie.

He's one year old and is a Yorkshire terrier/dachshund cross - which basically means he's fluffy with short sausage legs.    

Today Archie received his first monthly subscription box from Bark Beats!

For those of you that have not heard of Bark Beats - They are a company who send out boxes full of goodies that is shipped out at the end of every month. They contain treats, toys and other lovely bits and bobs for your pooch as well as lots of well known suppliers such as Kong and Good Boy. 
They retail at £19.99 but you can usually find some form of discount code for your first box to give them a try. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Your also doing your bit for the pooch's as 10% of their profits go towards a dog based charity such as PDSA, RSPCA and Animal Welfare Shelters across the country.

The September box contained:
Moody Pet HumungaStache Mini
Kong Air Dog Squeaky Ball
Barks&Sparks Croissant
Soopa Natural Sweet Potato Chews
Feelwells Training Treats

The croissant went down very well. They are quite hard but Archie soon hoovered up all the crumbs.

The sweet potato chews are really great and will definitely come in handy for when we leave the house - Archie usually follows us so its good to have something to distract him with so we can get away.

Archie also really liked the training treats and has even started to "rollover".

The Kong ball seems very strong although I am only basing this on the fact that Archie has had it for a few hours and has not ripped it to pieces. It has a weird "distressed chick" sound to it when squeezed and - much to my amusement - this freaked Archie out every time he squeezed it and he ran away from it. Honestly I laughed for about half an hour at this!

The Moustache however was not as strong and has already been chewed. Unfortunately Archie doesn't get how to bite it and I haven't been able to get a hilarious picture yet...hopefully there is still time. Other than this he really loves it and keeps throwing it around.

All in all I think its a great little treat for your money.

We are very much looking forward to the Halloween October addition.

Thank you Bark Beats!

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