18 September 2015


It's official! 
The heating has been turned on, the winter clothes are out of hiding and my fluffy socks are firmly on my feet...AHHHH. I bloody love Autumn!
The leaves. The layers. Perfect!

Please ignore my lack of skills when it comes to painting my right hand

My holiday nails are no more and the sweet coral has been replaced by a very vampy dark purple. (Although under my fluffy socks my nails are still coral because I'm a donut that forgot to take her polish off before painting her finger nails!)

I've gone for the Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Cosmo.
My friend bought me this for my birthday and to be honest, I probably never would of tried it if she didn't. I'm a bit wary of dark tones due to my paleness - and thinking I'm going to look like a really rubbish goth - but I'm very glad she did as I love it!

It is such a vibrant purple for such a dark colour and it is SO shiny! 
I'm pretty sure you can see you face in it its that shiny!
The polish itself is very easy to stroke on and the end result rivals a gel polish!

I'm usually a dark red kind of girl in the colder months but I think I may have been converted.

Have you got your autumn nails ready?

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