11 September 2015


I'm currently sitting in the lobby of the hotel, waiting for the coach to take us to the airport so I thought I would take advantage of the free wifi and start the post surrounding our holiday.

Mt Teidi from the airplane

As I said in my previous post, I'm horrendously scared of taking off - I love landing though, mainly because you can get great pics like this.
 My technique for flying is to literally closing my eyes and put my headphones in so it drowns out the noise of the engines. My pick for take off was 'Oliver Heldens - Gecko' because it is one of my favourite happy songs and it's constant beat muffles any sounds that make me jittery.

Once the plane had landed and I could actually breathe again we got our bags, headed to our transfer coach and arrived to our hotel within half an hour.

Hot and sweaty tourists

The hotel was beautiful but there was a slight bodge up with the room - I turned into my Mum for the night and we got upgraded the next morning - so in a bit of a foul mood after a shower we headed to the nearest pizza shop and took the pizza to the beach to chill out.
The new room was on the 8th floor. The bed was big enough for 4 people and you could definitely cartwheel across the balcony.

We spent the next few days strolling around the nearby towns and laying by the pool, which was really beautiful and much needed after lying in 33* heat all morning.

The pool

We finally got up off the sun loungers on Tuesday when we went to Siam Park, a water park just 10 minutes walk up the road from us.
I'm a big lover of water but not the greatest with heights so only went on 3 rides but I stayed on the lazy river for a good half an hour. They also have one of the best wave machines I've ever seen although I did get hit in the face twice by people being washed away. 
I also got a chance to test out just how water proof my waterproof mascara was.

We were really lucky and got to eat breakfast and dinner on the terrace almost every night and got to to look out at this gorgeous view.

The sunset from our balcony

On Wednesday we spent the morning at Siam Mall which has only just opened this year. I bought a lovely off the shoulder top, some bits from H&M, some Vera Wang perfume and a massive snugly bunny onesie.

One last balcony selfie

All in all its been an amazing break - although we didn't do half the things we wanted to i.e. Climbing the mountain, dolphin watching, hiring jet skis - which was well needed. Such a relaxing holiday and I even got a little bit of a tan and minimal prickly heat (I am team factor 50 all the way)
Secretly I'm ready to go home and give my pooch some much missed snuggles but shhh, don't tell Kieran.
Our last day - Would you look at that sky!

Wish us a safe flight home and I will catch up on all my new followers and posts tomorrow morning.

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