3 September 2015


Tomorrow is holiday day and the last installment of my holiday prep!
The suitcase is packed and ready to go
So lets hop to it, what is in my carry on?

The bag is from Primark and I bought it earlier this year. It is HUGE and will be acting as my beach bag as well as my carry on luggage.
It has two small zip pockets and plenty of room.

Now, I'm not fantastic with flying so I need to have some little home comforts to keep me comfy and more importantly - not thinking about being in the air what so ever!

Kindle Paperwhite
I'm a big reader and I love a good book. I've downloaded a number of books for holiday, although I probably won't get through all of them.
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery by Lucy Diamond
The Curvy Girls Club by Michele Gorman
Paris for One by Jojo Moyes
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
*Edit: I also downloaded Girl Online before I got on the plane and only ended up reading this, Paris for One and I started The Curvy Girls Club.

iPad Mini
We have wifi at the hotel and as much as I would love to take my little pink laptop with me, I think Kieran would kill me. So instead I am sneaking in my iPad for some non book poolside reading and for listening to music.

And you cant listen to music on the beach if you haven't got any headphones.
Mine are just standard Apple headphones. I'm not a fan of big, chunky over the ears ones so these suit fine.

Charger (and adapter)
With all this reading and music playing I might need some extra charge at the hotel.
Once I got stranded in Italy on a flight back and because I didn't pack a charger in my carry on I couldn't call my Mum to let her know I was stranded. Lesson learnt - it seems excessive but you never know.

Neck Pillow
I'm quite a fidgiter on flights and can never seem to get comfy and I definitely don't like sitting for 4 hours if I'm not comfy. Even though our flight is in the afternoon and I probably won't be sleeping it's nice to have something to cuddle up too whilst reading or watching a film.

I live in England after all. The weather forecast for the next 2 weeks in England is rain.
I will more than likely be leaving in rain and returning to rain.
Also, planes get cold so it's something nice to be snuggled up in.

Comfy Socks
Continuing with the snuggly theme - socks are a must.
I don't really like shoes. Strange I know, but I just don't feel comfy in trainers, flip flops, plimpsoles - NADA! So I plan to walk around (shame free may I add) on the plane in my pink, fluffy thermal socks!

Make up Bag
As we are staying away from home tonight I really don't wan't to be re-packing my suitcase just for the sake of my slap tomorrow morning.
I've packed a little see through zip bag (bought from Boots - details here) which contains the essentials - my BB cream, brow mascara, eyelash curlers, mascara and lip balm.
I'm going for a neutral but not acne riddled zombie.
*Just a note: For any UK ladies before I decided to dwindle down the contents to the basics I had 2 foundations in there too and this was still just under the 100ml liquids allowance.

Wet Wipes
Because you never know when your going to get hot/sticky/sweaty.
Especially when you have a clumsy boyfriend.

Obviously this is a must as your not going to get very far without it!

Is there anything I've forgotten? What are your carry on essentials?

PS. This is the sunset I will be watching every night for the next 7 nights!!

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