22 September 2015


I ordered some goodies from MAC last week and came home on Saturday to the little black box waiting for me (in my BBQ which I thought was quite an inventive place to put parcels!)

I immediately ran upstairs and had to try everything out!

Since I've got back from holiday I have been using my Rimmel Match Perfection (in an older Ivory shade that I used to use for when I wore fake tan) as my usual Studio Fix Fluid in NC10 is a tad pale for me. Unfortunately after a week of greasy factor 50 smothered on my face this relatively oily foundation was not doing my forehead any favours.
So I decided I needed a new one.

I ordered the Studio Fix Fluid in NW15.

I really like the way this foundation makes my skin look dewy and fresh so I decided to stick to what I knew and go up a shade. NW15 is a teeny bit dark in contrast to my neck but everywhere else is perfect.

Now onto the fun stuff.

I think no matter what time of year there are always 2 lipsticks you should always have in your collection - A nude and a signature red!

After using my Viva Glam II to death recently I wanted something a little different and perhaps a little more pinky. After a LOOOONG look through reviews and images I decided on the Patisserie lipstick.

After my first application I was a little disappointed as I had picked a shade that was practically the same as my actual lip colour! Serves me right for not being very daring! 
Now I've worn it a few times I like the sheerness of the shade and that it subtly draws attention to my lips, more so than a lip balm would.

I've also been after a knockout red lipstick to call my own.
I've heard nothing but good things about Ruby Woo so thought I'd give it a try.

I also bought a lip liner in Whirl and Cherry to pair with these.

Now, I'm a newbie to the use of lip liner. I don't think I have ever used it in my whole life. So I thought I would give it a try. 

On my first attempt I literally drew it on and I looked like a drag act. The second attempt I shaded using the pencil flat instead of pointed.
The more neutral liner was much easier to master than the bright red as it didn't show mistakes as easily - I'm hoping that practice makes perfect and the semi clown look I'm achieving will eventually ease off! 

What are your favourite red lipsticks and is it just me who has gone through a drag queen stage!?


  1. Oooh you got Ruby Woo as well as Patisserie! Hows that one working out - I hear a lot of good things?

    1. Depressing as it is, I haven't had chance to wear it outside the house yet. I'm still trying to practice my red lip lining also...its coming a long slowly! Hopefully I will find out soon. It does look perfect on though! :)