29 September 2015


WARNING: This post is a personal one and may contain over emotional-ness.

Just over a year ago I packed up my little cottage in the town I loved and the area I had lived in for most of my life and moved to a strange village 50 miles away, just outside of Sheffield.

I left my house, my job, my local pubs and shops and most importantly - my family and friends.

This was all in aid of moving closer to my boyfriend's work and saving him travelling 500 miles a week just to go to work and back.

I've always said I wanted to make a fresh start - there had been a lot of things I'd rather forget and as it was a small village it was hard to escape without actually leaving - so I thought great, nows your chance! Do something impulsive! 

So we got in a van and travelled up the M1.

The first few weeks were ok but as the time went on I found it so strange that somewhere that was only an hour up the road was so different. 
I started my new job and I just didn't click with the people. I joined a gym and went to classes but it was so much harder to just roll too after work when it's 20 minutes away as opposed to 2 minutes down the road and when we got our puppy Archie it was so difficult to give him any time as well as giving up 2 hours for a trip to the gym.

A year down the line I still feel exactly the same.
I feel overwhelmed, confined and alone.
I still haven't made any real friends, not that I've clicked with or have anything in common with.

I miss going to the pub after work for some chocolate cake and just having a good gossip.

I have never felt so alone when I am not actually alone.
But I don't really know where to start?

I go back to my home town every few months to catch up with my best friends and family and all I feel is homesick.

It was so easy when I was 20 out getting drunk every weekend but how do you do it when your 25!?
How do your start a new life? Make new friends? Enjoy it?

Has anyone else ever felt like this?
Severely feeling like a need a big hug.

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