15 September 2015


Now our holiday is over and Christmas is fast approaching I am finally going to get our bedroom sorted whilst we have money to sort it!

As we only rent our house we are a little limited as to what we can do to make it feel like "a home".

I love my super girly, slightly shabby bedroom - Kieran isn't the most "home decor" orientated bloke so he just kind of goes with flow. As long as he has his xbox and fish tank he is a happy chappy.

So first on my wish list is this Next bedding set. A lot of my duvet's have a lot of "duck egg" colours in which unfortunately just doesn't go with my pinky/purple/white thing I've got going on.

This duvet set has 2 different combinations both of which are reversible! so that is 4 in total! The set starts at £35 but as I am a little bit greedy and have a kingsize duvet (I'm a big duvet stealer) mine would cost £55.

Then we have the IKEA trip - I could order all this on the internet but lets face it, Ikea is one of the most funnest places in the world.

The first piece on my list is the Hemnes Dressing Table - I've wanted this for at least 7 years! I'm fully aware that every woman and her cat have this dressing table but I really do think it is a classic and clean piece of furniture and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I'm trying to find one on eBay instead of buying brand new to try and cut costs.

I've also got my eye on the Terje Chair. Our bedroom is quite square and not very big so it's ideal for me to have a chair that I can fold away when needed.

Our bedroom is quite dark so I want a Jansjo LED Clip on Light to add a bit more light to my dressing area.

I also want some Alex Drawers for under my dressing table for additional storage. We have a chest of drawers we currently share and I'm pretty sure Kieran will be grateful to have his side back!

 I'm also hoping to freshen up the
wallpaper in the room as ours is a little grotty and very "granny" like - and not in a vintage way!
I'm in love with the Laura Ashley Josette for a feature wall, although I am struggling to decide which one to go with.

They are £34 per roll through Laura Ashley but I've found cheaper rolls all across the internet so I can hopefully get the wallpaper for half the price than it originally is.

What do you guys think? Which wallpaper would you choose?


  1. I love homeware shopping! I always find bargains in TK Maxx too! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. I always forget about TKMAXX until Kieran drags me in and I find millions of things I want to buy! Im the same with Matalan! I always forget how good their home stuff is! :) xx