27 September 2015


Not only have I actually had a chance to bake something for once but these scrummy little bites are my entrance for The Great Denby Cake Off. 

Denby is holding a great competition and you could be in with a chance to win a top prize of £250 worth of Denby vouchers! Click the image above for more information and how to enter.

So on with the show, here are my "Victoria's Sponge Bites"

I whipped up these babies within an hour as I fancied something sweet after my dinner and we only had 1 egg in the fridge!

Now when it comes to standard sponges I don't actually follow recipes anymore.

My Mum taught me when I was younger that if I wanted fluffy, mouth watering cakes I should weight my eggs and match accordingly, so that's what I do.
This method is great especially if you are like me and 1) Are rubbish at maths and 2) Only have 1 egg in the fridge!
Saying this I have detailed below my recipe I used today including weighing my eggs!

What you need
(For 3-5 sponge bites)
1 medium egg
70g butter
70g caster sugar
70g self raising flour
Cupcake tray and cases

(For the filling)
Strawberry jam
70g butter
140g icing sugar

What to do
To use the "weight your eggs" method place your eggs on the scales and note down the amount in which they weigh. This then gives you the amount for your butter, sugar and flour.

Sponge Bites

Preheat your over to 180* or Gas Mark 6 and add the cupcake cases to your cupcake tray.

 First cream together your butter and sugar using a whisk or a baking spatula until it is pale and smooth.

In a separate bowl, break and beat your eggs and then add into the mixing bowl. 
Whisk or fold in the contents.

Slowly sift in your flour folding as you go. Continue to whisk or fold until mixture is soft and creamy.

Spoon mixture into cases and place in the oven for 20 minutes.

Remove cakes from oven and allow to cool. 

Filling and Finish

Cream together your butter and icing sugar until pale and fluffy.

Once cakes are cool, slowly peel off the cake case and cut off the top.

Using a knife (or if your lazy like me, a squeezy bottle) spread a generous layer of jam onto the bottom part of the cake.

Then spoon or pipe a just as generous helping of your icing on top.

Pop on the top half of the cake and sprinkle with icing sugar - Make sure not to put to much pressure onto the top half of the cake otherwise your icing will plop out.

Serve with a pot of tea and some gossip.

A quick and simple treat. Just what you need on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

They went down a treat with Kieran and even Archie had a sneaky taste!

Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. Ooh that looks like such a treat! I'll have to give the recipe a go!

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs