24 October 2015


For the last month I have been trialing the Clinique Anti Blemish Solution - you can find the original post here - in the search for the perfect, glowing, make up free face.
Clinique have said that this solution will transform your skin with daily use in 4 weeks, so my dry/sensitive/break out prone skin and I decided to give it a go. 

Now, before I move on to my feedback I've got to say it has been a tiny bit longer than 4 weeks. Due to a horrendous hormonal break-out which was caused by good old Aunt Flo it just wasn't fair on Clinique to judge the solution properly with these in the mix - so I gave it an extra week.

First Impressions

Firstly, I just want to say how much you actually get in the little bottle is more than expected.
 I read a few reviews previously saying that they ran out in 4 weeks, sometimes even before. However I didn't have this problem. I'm not sure whether I was using too little or other people were using too much but either way, it lasted. 

The little bottles are really handy for travelling and look great in your bathroom.

Also on a side note: I bought this kit from FeelUnique.com and they sent me a little email to see if I wanted to reorder as I might be running out. How sweet is that!

Step by Step

The application of the products is fool proof and can easily be added into your current routine without you having to skip breakfast or your morning coffee.

It is recommended to use the solution once or twice a day - for most days I used this twice but sometimes I did only use this once (there was also one day were I did miss the whole routine because I was a little bit poorly)

First, I washed my face with 3 pumps of the Cleansing Foam, either quickly in the sink or in the shower.
The Cleansing Foam is very light, smells like mild soap and was actually quite successful at taking away stubborn waterproof mascara when I was a little lazy and forgot to take it off prior.

Then I shook the Clarifying Lotion to activate and dabbed 3 times onto a cotton pad. 
I then wiped all over my face and chin.
This occasionally made my face sting - you know the strangely satisfying sting of spots melting away! - but mostly made my skin feel really fresh.

Finally, after waiting a few minutes I applied the Clearing Moisturiser. I squeezed a 5p sized blob, lightly rubbed in my palms and massaged over my face.
This was my favourite of the steps, I'm not sure whether it was the smell or the softness or even the cheeky massage I gave myself but I looked forward to this the most.
Although I have a lot less moisturiser left than any other product, I still have enough to last me another week - maybe more!

The Outcome

After using the system for the last month my skin feels a lot less "grotty" and generally a lot fresher. Although I still have a few pimples and blemish's here and there, it is nothing in comparison to what I had previously.

The first few days of using the solution I broke out a little and also got slightly flushed and bumpy cheeks - but this was kind of expected as I haven't had a proper face routine in years. 
After that it only really took a few weeks for my spots to nearly disappear.
The day after my poorly day (when I didn't use the solution) my face went nuts! 
There were at least 5 random, yellow headed spots scattered across my face, begging me to pop them.
Judging by this, I can definitely say that the solution does the job.

Would I recommend? Although the full sized bottles can be a little pricey at around £20 I actually would recommend them. 

I would also like to try the Clinical Clearing Gel as well which isn't part of the solution but is meant to provide a more "fast acting" approach to your spots.

Have any of you guys tried the Clinique products?
What products do you use in your daily routine?
Don't forget to leave a comment below.


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