28 October 2015


Every now and again, we get so caught up with the ins and outs of life we start to forget the little things that make us smile.

I myself, have been feeling a little lost lately and as a struggler of anxiety, feeling lost tends to send me into a little downward spiral to a place it is hard to crawl out of. This feeling happens a lot more than I would care to admit to anyone but there are a few little things that help me regain a little bit of light in the dark times.

1) Puppy Snuggles
I love morning snuggles with my Archie. When my alarm goes off he has a big stretch and makes his way up the bed where he then lies on my chest and we have big morning snuggles. Also, when he wakes up, he has a really fluffy "bed head" face that makes my heart melt.

2) Chocolate and Chick Flicks
When I've had a bad day I dump my stuff on the floor, change into my jammies and chuck on a chick flick (my favourites can be found here) This is usually paired up with a jumbo sized bar of Dairy Milk or Galaxy.

3) Walk/Jog/Run
I never used to like exercise much until a few years ago and used to think people were crazy who would get up before 7am to go to the gym. Now days I actually understand why. Not only does it help to banish my emotional eating weight but it actually makes you feel happier (that would be them endorphins people talk about, they are real! Who knew!) I especially love Zumba as I love to dance and prance about!

4) Loud, LOUD Music
It's irreverent as to whether this is in a club or my living room. Sober or trashed. Music soothes my soul. Singing at the top of my voice releases so many feelings without even having to know what to say. It also drowns out the pesky thoughts that can plague my minds.

5) Zzzzzz
When I get so overwhelmed that I want to gauge my eyes out with spoons, I go to sleep. I'm not talking a nap on the sofa, I'm talking about a full on, shut the curtains and snuggle in your duvet sleep. Ever since I started having "down days" I have crawled into bed when I've been feeling low. Lack of sleep tends to make me feel worse and overthink more and sleep shuts my brain off, just for a little while, so I wake feeling at least a little bit calmer.

What do you guys do to make yourselves happy?


  1. I've also recently discovered the beauty of just heading to bed for a proper snooze when everything gets a bit much - never fails to make me feel better :)
    (Also, doggie cuddles... definitely with you on that, it's impossible not to feel super happy when you've got a pooch snuggling up to you!)

    Misia xx | gowashyourface.com

    1. It's a good cure! Nothing better than a good sleep when your feeling a bit rubbish! :) My pooch seems to like human snuggles even more than I do...soppy pup!

  2. I love this! I fall out of this habit so easily so you've just prompted me to count my happy things more regularly. So necessary to help keep the blues at bay x

    1. Completely agree with this! I get so lost in life sometimes I forget to just breathe and be happy! :)