6 October 2015


The festive time of year is not so slowly creeping upon us and you know what that means!
Apart from the toffee apple, mince pies and copious amounts of guilt free chocolate to look forward to, it also means Lush getting a little bit festive.

As I've been quite busy the past few weeks I haven't had chance to nip into Lush and have a mooch for myself so I've been forced to use the website...DUM DUM DUUUMH.

So I have put together a little wishlist of products I hope to pick up on my next trip (unless I get impatient and order them online) All images were borrowed from Lush.co.uk.

I'm a big lover of anything pink - if you hadn't noticed - and I love a good bubble bar, especially one that leaves a tint! With its sweet vanilla scent and candy coloured bubbles, how could this not be on my list!

I haven't bought a face mask in YONKS! So I thought it was time to indulge.
I was in 2 minds whether to get this Christmas mask or the Rosy Cheeks mask. Rosy Cheeks seemed more for angry, irritable skin which mine isn't and the Cranberry mask just seemed a little thicker. The Cranberry is a Christmas newbie and has a clay like texture. It also contains cranberries - massive shock, right? - and is said to leave your skin feeling cleansed, matte and soft.

One of the Halloween collection.
According to the Lush website this explodes into an array of pink and green - as I said, I am a sucker for pink!
Another vanilla based product - I'm loving the vanilla aren't I - this also contains patchouli oil which is supposed to help relax and calm your mind.

I saw this on the Lush Meadowhall instagram earlier today (@lushmeadowhall if anyone wants to give them a follow) this is another Christmas addition and it looks fabulous! There is also a little surprise when it explodes which is always an added extra. 

So that's my little Lush wishlist. 
Have you guys tried any of these yet? What are your favourite bombs and masks?

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