18 October 2015


I'm sorry to say this post won't contain nitty, gritty details into my "first time" - that's just too personal and my Mum reads this blog!

You may of watched various popular vloggers dishing out info about their various "first times" so I thought I would give it a go.

My first kiss...
...was when I was in year 6 (which would of made me around 10 I think!)
We were at a "after school bitesize session" and my boyfriend and I - when I say boyfriend I mean boy who I used to hold hands with and just said was my boyfriend - were dared to kiss. 
Oh the romance! 
We then got caught and a letter was sent home to my parents, I'm guessing saying I was a massive trollop. 
I still think this is severely over dramatic.

My first love..
...apart from the above examples of boyfriends that weren't really "actual" boyfriend's my first "love" was pretty intense.
It was when I was 13.
We met at a teeny popper disco, where we dressed in white clothes and black underwear and walked around in a circle waiting for a boy to kiss us and smoking.
We spent most of our time kissing or talking on MSN.
He went to a different school and I'm pretty sure played about with most of my friends.
The on/off flirtation continued until I was about 15 and realised I could do better.

My first job...
...was as a waitress in a pub when I was 16.
The manager was also the chef and had a severe anger problem.
We used to get Sunday roast if there was anything left over but if it was busy we would sometimes be there until 8pm scrubbing pots.
I'm also pretty sure he violated quite a few child labour laws as I don't actually remember being given a "break" the whole time I worked there!

My first celebrity crush...
...was H from Steps!
Hilarious as it is as it turns out he is as gay as the day is long.
We went to Meadowhall for Christmas shopping one day and on our way out my Dad spotted him and asked for his autograph as he came out of the toilet. He wrote it down on one of my Dad's business cards.

My first broken bone...
...was my big toe and it wasn't actually until I was 21! I'm pretty impressed it took me this long to actually break something as I am really clumsy.
I was hungover and walking down the stairs in my XXL tracksuit bottoms with a plate of chinese in my hand.
I tripped on my tracksuit bottoms and my chinese went flying. To try not to make to much of a mess and save my chinese I threw myself after it and landed on my big toe. I went to the hospital the next day and I had almost snapped my toe in half.
I managed to save my chinese though.

My first home...
...was a little 2 bed apartment in a small town where I worked at the time.
It had a floor to ceiling window in the kitchen and I actually really loved it.
Unfortunately I only stayed there for 5 months as I had polish gangster neighbours who lived below me and were actually really scary.

I hope you liked my tag - let me know about your first time's in the comments below.


  1. Haha, H from steps! I was always a Lee fan haha!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!...http://allyadores.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/liebster-award.html

    1. I have no idea why...I'm not a massive fan of blonde blokes! Looking back Lee was a hotty!! Oh thank you lovely, I will head over and have a look :D

  2. I'm pretty sure I did this when I first opened my blog! Yours was so cute to read :) can't wait to see more from you!!