17 October 2015


If you've been to Sheffield's Meadowhall shopping centre lately, you may of noticed a new food establishment has opened - "Five Guys".

Five Guys, Burgers and Fries is a fast food chain with stores across USA, Canada and UK.
They were founded in 1986 in Virginia, US and have been growing ever since with 33 stores in the UK alone (5 more stores coming soon!) They specialize in DIY burgers, hotdogs  real potato fries and milkshakes.

Five Guys are slowly taking over the country and becoming as popular as restaurant giant Nandos.

I had never actually heard of Five Guys until early this year but I've read a few reviews giving mixed reviews of the place, so here is mine.

On arrival you are greeted by the smell of scrummy burgers and the sound of American power ballad's blasting from the restaurant. The overall look is a modern American diner with red and white tiles and wood seating dotted around. The queue was out of the restaurant but I suppose it is to be expected as it was (a) a Saturday (b) a new store. 

The first thing that is a little bit shocking is the price. In comparison to your usual Burger King and McDonalds you are paying twice the price. First you chose your burger (or hotdog) which vary from £5-£9 and add all the toppings you want to. You then chose from salted or cajun chips and add on your soda or milkshake. Once you've placed your order you receive a number on a receipt - a bit like you do at Argos - and go to the waiting area to collect your food.

The whole process is a little overwhelming the first time you go through it but the staff were really helpful. The music is just a tiny bit to loud for a fast food restaurant which is fine but can add to the confusion when your new to the Five Guys experience.

One thing I did really like was the drinks selection. You nip up to the snazzy machine, push for some ice and chose from the wide selection of fizzy/still/diet soft drinks you could ever wish for. I will admit I got ridiculously excited about being reunited with Still Fanta again! Your drinks are also refillable so a big thumbs up to that.

The food itself was the best I've ever had from a fast food chain and can safely say really filling - almost 5 hours later when writing this post I am no where near hungry. The standard burgers come with "double" burgers and the chip portions are HUGE - as you can see from the title) The chips picture below were not even half of the regular portion!

All together, our meal for 2 came to £26 which I suppose is a little bit steep for a quick bite to eat whilst your out shopping but it is definitely worth it. I'm a plain burger enthusiast so the concept was slightly lost on me but I have to say I still waited less time than I do for a plain burger at McDonalds.

 I would definitely recommend making up your own mind about whether Five Guys is worth the hype. The food is fab and I would definitely try it once, if not continue to go!

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