26 November 2015


As it's mine and Kieran's 2nd Anniversary I thought I would get a little bit soppy and post something relationship'py. Now I'm in no way a relationship expert but I thought I would share my thoughts on living with blokes!

2 years may not seem that long, but in fact for about 90% of these 2 years we have lived together. After 2 months (maybe not even that!) of seeing each other Kieran packed up his one bag and him and his playstation moved in to my little bachelorette pad.

It may sound silly, but living with someone is one of the hardest things I have ever done.
I am one of these people that REALLY like my own space, like a borderline hermit kind of person.
When I moved out of my parents house 3 years ago, I moved into my own little flat because I could not stand the idea of living with other people. I like doing things on my own - I can do things quicker and my way. That was until I met Kieran.

So I give to you, the lessons I've learnt from living with my manchild.

You turn into his mother (whether you like it or not)
I've always been a little bit messy, washing up has never been something I have ever been good at and I sometimes wear my clothes more than is probably hygienic before washing them. But as soon as Kieran moved in, that all changed! I became some housewife character who cooked and cleaned and was crowned Queen of Multitasking. It suddenly irritated me when things weren't in the "right place" when I used to have a floordrobe instead of carpet.

How to cope: Buy a dishwasher and write lists - A dishwasher is one of the greatest argument defusers we have ever bought, we argued nearly everyday about the washing up now all we do it load the dishwasher and put the tablet in. If your bloke is anything like mine, he knows how to do things but he just doesn't "think" to do them. If you make a list and both go through checking them off  it takes away the nagging.

You are the closest to anyone you have ever been, EVER!
You pop each other's spots (no matter where they are). You talk about your toilet habits. You do disgusting things in front of each other.

How to cope: Just embrace it. Personally I'm not bothered by this point - this is the person that has seen (and been in) the deepest, darkest parts of me. But if you are really uncomfortable with something, talk to them. I'm pretty sure if it distress's you that much when they use the loo whilst your showering they will try not to in the future.

You will both hate something that the other loves
For us this is music - We have completely different tastes.
I like pop and dance, he likes rock and oldies. 
Although we both like some of each other's genre we always tiff about the radio channel or what to put on when we are getting ready to go out.

How to cope: Take it in turns or find a common ground. He used to listen to Planet Rock but now Radio X has taken over it's a little more tolerable but when I'm around I get to put on KISS.
We also have a mutually agreed Spotify playlist.

Sometimes, it gets really rocky!
Lately we've been hitting what people refer to as the "1 year itch". No we're not married nor has it been just 1 year, but you've got to think this term was created back when people hadn't lived together until after their wedding night -  I personally couldn't even live with my bestie 24/7...we'd kill each other so it's bound to happen with someone your seeing day in/day out for the foreseeable future.
Now in the age of Instagram and Facebook making everyone's relationships seem perfect it's hard not to get jealous of your besties relationship. It's also "standard" for you to stop making as much effort as you used too. All of this clubbed together forms a bubble of neglect and frustration waiting to explode.

How to cope: Talk! And then talk some more. When your stuck in a rut it's usually because your not communicating. When your having a good day make the most of it and plan a date night or even a cosy night in for you both. Remember, the bad times don't last forever and everyone goes through them, no matter what their Instagram shows.

When it really matters, they make the effort
My other half isn't the most romantic or initiative fueled guy out there - he has to be told what to do and is just a little bit lazy.
He doesn't bring me flowers every month and he completely sucks at presents or surprises, but when it truly counts, he knows how to pull it out of the bag.

When I'm ill he makes me bangers and mash.

When there are people coming over he tidies the house.

When I'm feeling down he forces me to be cuddled and wipes my tears.

Not all relationships are like fairytales, but Kieran tries his hardest to be my prince.

And a quick soppy photo from London last New Year <3


  1. This is great & so true! I live with my boyfriend as well and can totally relate. Love this post idea!


    1. Blokes are terrible aren't they!! Dogs are much easier!
      Jess @ JuicyyyJesss*

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