29 November 2015


Hey guys! I've seen a lot of bloggers do these kind of posts and thought they were a fun way to ramble on about all the things that aren't substantial enough for a dedicated post of their own. So here goes, my first "this is what I got up to when I wasn't behind a keyboard" post.
These will only really be about my weekend because to be honest my week days are pretty monotonous - usually consisting of finish work, walk dog, make dinner, watch TV, go to bed.

Yup I'm that exciting!

As you may know - if you don't then I think you might have a massive shock coming!! - it's almost December!! So this weekend has mainly been dedicated to Christmas related odds and jobs.


I had a day off from work and decided to decorate our tree/living room - there will be a post about this for blogmas but just for everyone reading there is a sneak peek below. 

I know it is still November but we had such a busy weekend planned and the 1st is on a Tuesday so it was the only time we could get our grotto on!

As you can see I also had a bit of a Christmas film binge watch in the background whilst decorating.

It still isn't all finished with little bits to be added here and there but I'm already feeling much cosier and festive! My god, I'm so excited!

I know that Friday was "Black Friday" but unfortunately I don't get paid until Monday so I didn't really have the chance to partake. Although Kieran did treat me to some Hunter welly socks and a Barbour jacket for Christmas as they were on offer.


Kieran and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary - you can find a little relationship post here if you fancy a read - which may not seem like a lot to some people but we've been having a bit of a rubbish time lately so we decided to make a bit of a fuss of it.

This included a long lie in, lots of snuggles and a lovely meal out.

We headed to a place in Nottingham called Rub Smokehouse. It was absolutely scrummy! The choice of food was endless. You know that programme Man Vs. Food, it was like that but better!

We opted for HungDrawnAndQuatered platter which we shared. This included pulled pork, half a chicken, 2 corn dogs, 4 ribs, beef brisket, chicken wings and 2 mini burgers. You also get to add 4 sides of your choice - if you go the pulled pork BBQ beans are heaven! I think this is the best thing you can have because you can try EVERYTHING!

We probably got through about half of it before we gave up - deffo shouldn't of had a starter! - but the great thing is they offer you a little goody bag to take away anything you've got left over. Perfect!

If you are looking for somewhere to eat in Nottingham (or Birmingham) I would definitely recommend trying here. They also have a fabulous selection of cocktails - one of which comes in a mini bathtub with rubber duck!

*quick note to any ladies that go (or blokes that are that way inclined) DO NOT wear lipstick! Even my MAC Ruby Woo was not safe from the greasiness of the ribs and nearly ended up all over my face!


We headed off to do some Christmas shopping as we've only bought one or two presents so far - I'm quite unorganised as I know so many people who have bought and wrapped all of their pressies already!! 

We've knocked about half of them off the list which isn't bad in one morning. I usually steer clear of shopping centres on the weeks approaching Christmas and order everything online but there's something much more festive about nipping into the shops themselves.

Along with the presents we bought a few Christmassy bits for the house, including these Lakeland goodies and a few decorative pieces.

Last year we put together our first gingerbread house but we did cheat a little as it was pre-made. This year we decided to have a go at making one from scratch so we bought this Fairytale Cottage Mould. We also bought these Ginger Boys Cookie Cutters so we can give gingerbread men out for additional stocking fillers. The Cookie Cutter come with 3 different double sides stamps which have different "gingerbread characters on them". Both of these came to around £6 which I don't think is bad at all.

I also announced the winner of my Lush Christmas Giveaway which was Jem @ Jems Journal - go and check out her blog, but finish this post first! :)

And for the rest of the evening we are going to catch up with I'm a celebrity and Doctor Who whilst munching the rest of last nights goody bag.

How's your weekend been? Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

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