24 December 2015



As you can see I've been slacking a little on posts and I just wanted to let everyone know why.
My sparkle has been a little lacking lately due to a hella bout of depression! I've been wanting to post for weeks but struggling with work and home has left no room for my little space on the internet. 
Lately the highest achievement of my day is managing to force myself into the shower and put some make up on and I'll tell you what, its exhausting!

At the minute my head just isn't in a positive place and Christmas is not the time or place for negativity. I've decided to give myself a little time off over Christmas to refresh and renew and come back sparkling like usual.

I'll be back with a smile on my face next week and with a handful of posts to come with it. In the meantime please keep with me and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin to keep up to date :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas - hopefully filled with plenty of goodies, family and food!!

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