3 December 2015



Christmas is my favourite time of year - call me cliche but it always has been!

It's December 2nd and just to get us into the festive spirit I thought I would spread some Christmas cheer - in the shape of a fun little Christmas tag!

What is your favourite Christmas Film?
ELF is definitely my go to Christmas film to get me in the festive mood but what I look forward to the most is The Muppets Christmas Carol!! It is the most perfect Christmas Eve film and I am going to try my hardest to not watch it until then - thanks for that Sky Movies!

Have you ever had a white Christmas?
Last year it snowed on Christmas night which was amazing...apart from the fact we had to drive an hour on the motorway in it - scary stuff! Although when we got home it was all totally worth it. Kieran and I layered on our cosy clothes and went for a late night walk in the snow. It was so deep it was up passed my ankles!

What is your favourite Christmas song?
There are so many! Although before I moved I used to be a big party animal, on Christmas Eve especially - queue lots of hungover Christmas dinners! - and Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas was my jam! Anything by Michael Buble or Robbie Williams is also perfect in my book.

What is your Christmas morning routine?
I have always been the first to wake up - cracking hangover or not! - and thankfully Kieran is the same. This will be our third Christmas together and we usually wake up around 5am - although last year I'm pretty sure it was 4am! - make a cup of tea, pop a Christmas film on and then sit down to open our presents. We then snuggle up for a little bit until it's time to get ready for visiting the family.  

What's your favourite Christmas food?
I adore a good goose fat roast potato but I LOVE pate on toast! Literally to die for! But for some reason I don't have it any other time of the year so I am going to go with that! Oh and shortbread, lots and lots of shortbread.

What was your most memorable Christmas?
This would have to be Christmas 2010. It isn't the greatest of memories but it's one I will always remember. I had gotten into a little bit of drunken trouble on Christmas Eve and ended up in A&E at 5am. Hours later I wake up and surprise my unsuspecting parents with a black eye, dried blood in my hair and a dozen stitches in my head. The upside to this was I got to watch my Harry Potter box set throughout Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The downside I had to spend my New Year sober and slapping on concealer to cover the black eye.

What is your favourite Christmas scent?
I have an array of festive Yankee Candles scattered around the downstairs of my house but my favourite is definitely Christmas Cookie. It smells so scrummy and actually makes me salivate slightly.

Lastly, what does Christmas mean to you?
Christmas to me is spending quality time with loved ones and eating a ridiculous amount of food!! :D

What are your best bits of Christmas? Copy and paste the tag and let me know! :

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  1. ah no, Christmas in A&E sounds like a nightmare! I also love the festive yankee candles, Christmas Eve is my favourite :)

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