11 December 2015


As I've gotten older I've realised when it comes to that big Christmas question that everyone asks nothing ever springs to minds - and that question is "what do you want this Christmas?"

I mean I've got a massive list of things I want from a new hoover to a boob reduction but most of the things on my list are ridiculously priced and I definitely can't expect Nanny Pat to be shelling out that sort of cash - Side note: Nanny Pat is a fictional character but you get the jist.

So after a lot of thought I've put together a few treats for Christmas just in case your running out of ideas and are a bit skint but still want to buy more than a packet of biscuits - yes, I have done this on a fair few occasions when jobless!

1) The Bath Lover
I think everyone knows someone that loves a good bath...and obviously the best place for bathing essentials is LUSH! There are thousands of gift boxes to chose from at Lush from under £10 to over £100 but today I have chose the Christmas Candy Box. A little bit of everything for the perfect bath night. You get a 100g bottle of Snow Fairy, a Candy Mountain bubble bar, Rock Star soap and a Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb.

2) The Home Lover
Ok, so this technically isn't under £20 but they are buy one get one free so it works out as under £20 each! I bought one of my besties a pair of Boux Avenue Pj's in a Bag for £32 and at the checkout realised it was BOGOF so treated myself to a pair too! They are so soft and comfortable and fit really well. Perfect for lazy nights with a hot chocolate!

3) The Chocolate Lover
Nicely leading us onto chocolate! I love NotOnTheHighstreet for something a little bit different and I found this cute little Snowman Hot Chocolate and Marshmellow set. For just £6.50 you can even treat your chocolate lover to a Personalised Hot Chocolate Mug - I really like the "camping" style of this and everyone loves a bit of personalisation don't they?

4) The Pamper Princess
I've only recently tried the Soap and Glory range and I am blown away by them! For the perfect pamper night I would definitely recommend the Soap and Glory Soaper Star gift set from Boots. With all the Soap and Glory products as well as a loofa and flannel this little gift set it definitely worth splashing the £20.

5) The Party Animal
Another Notonthehighstreet bargain. These little Cocktail Coasters are £3 each and you can chose from Jagerbombs to Cosmopolitan's. The coasters are bright and fun and I really love how cute the illustrations are.

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