6 December 2015


On Thursday I had the pleasure of being invited to an exclusive event at Lush in Sheffield to take a look around their shop and get a real personalised experience - which as anyone who has been into Lush knows, it is a little difficult to do this during the day!

I was ridiculously excited - I couldn't actually contain myself which was slightly embarrassing as I don't think I stopped smiling or talking for the whole 2 hours! - and when we arrived it was like walking into heaven! No exaggeration! We were fully pampered and went home with the best goody bag ever! 

As soon as you walked through the door you were greeted with the smell of all the fruity bath bombs and sweet fragrances. I had to resist the urge to run around wild screaming like a kid in a sweet shop! Has anyone actually seen a Lush store with 10 people in before!?


After we were handed little cups of mulled wine we were gathered around to be told about all the different bits and bobs we would be doing tonight. The ladies at Lush were fabulous and put such a good selection of things to do together from run throughs of the gift boxes, personalised skin and hair treatments and even making our own Butter Bear! - big round of applause for all the ladies involved, especially Becki at Lush for organising the event!

The first section of the event I headed for was the gift boxes - because you know, BATH BOMBS! - and after mooching through around half of the boxes I decided on my favourites which have been added to my Christmas list.

Seriously the "WOW!" box is spectacular - if you have a spare £155 I would definitely invest!
Also feature is "star dust" which is placed highly on my Christmas list.

My favourite of the boxes "sweet Christmas" filled with all my favourite sweet treats - modeled by Samm and her fabulous hands!

I loved "the night before Christmas" box - perfect for a Christmas Eve treat containing Intergalactic bath bomb and Snow Angel bath melt.

The gorgeous "holiday cheer" Christmas box not only looks stunning under the tree but contains lots of festive goodies for them cold nights.

I then moved on to the Bath section where the lovely Genesia helped me make my own little Butter Bear - my little bears nose did not go as successfully as it should of, I won't be applying for a job at the bath bomb making factory any time soon!

I was also sent on a mission to find some FUN for Kieran - because hes a big girl at heart! Lush isn't just for girlies you know - and after trying some out decided to buy some Rainbow Fun, which I spent the whole night affectionately calling it "Gay Pride Fun".

We were also given a complimentary pot of Catastrophe Cosmetic - which was whipped up in front of our eyes - to go home and try. It smells like blueberry pie and is said to calm problematic skin.

We also had a very festive spread with Marks & Spencers mulled wine and Macarons from Joni Bakery - a local company specialising in all things Macarons! I was eager to try them as I've actually never had them before. 

All in all this was one of the funnest nights ever! On my way out - after making a few cheeky purchases - we were handed a bag full of Lush goodies - and I mean a bag full! So much so they all take up my bathroom cabinet! Haul to come very soon!

Thank you ladies for the invite! I had a fabulous night! :)


  1. The pictures are beautiful ! It's a lovely article ;)

    Sarah xxxx
    Have a nice day

  2. Lush events always look amazing, I love all the glittery bath bombs they do at Christmas!