6 December 2015


Evening guys! I know it's my second post of the day but I couldn't resist a little ramble about my week!

It's that time of the week we all dread when Sunday starts to feel less like the weekend and more like a Monday morning.

It's also the time of the week where I like to have a little catch up of whats been going on this week. As I have a full time job weekdays are usually pretty dull and boring so I tend to skip these but this week I did something fabulous - and on a school night!

After a crappy day at work usually I want to jump into my pj's and grab a chippy on the way home. This week was MUCH different. I put some slap on, hopped on the bus and headed to Starbucks to meet with the rest of the Sheffield bloggers for a evening at Lush! It was great to get to know some of the other bloggers and to mooch around Lush without 50 thousand people in there. I had such a fantastic night and met some lovely girlies! As this was only my second event I'm still new to the whole thing but definitely loved every minute of it. 
If you want to see more of our Lush event you can read more here.

Unfortunately I was a little under the weather on Friday night and Saturday morning so missed out on the East Midlands Blogger Event which was taking place at Lincoln Christmas Market. Instead when I started to feel better Kieran suggested we take a trip to Ikea to get one of my Christmas presents - A Hemnes dressing table. We also popped into the cafe on our way out and grabbed a hotdog and a lingonberry juice - IKEA are undertaking a less sugar scheme which means they have banished the Coca-Cola and Fanta in favour of their own juice drinks. He then said I could have it early - I mean come on, how on earth was he going to wrap a bloody dressing table! - and put it up as soon as we got home. Although it currently is a teeny bit to big for our bedroom in this house, we hopefully won't be renting forever. I've wanted one of these dressing tables for probably about 5 years...if not more! This definitely cheered me up a little bit.

We also bought some tea light holders as thanks to my Yankee Candle Advent Calendar I have a never ending supply of tea lights! For only 35p each they were a bargain!! 

After having a lazy morning catching up with the weekend's telly - Gogglebox, South Park and I'm a Celebrity - we headed off to the local garden centre to have a look at all the Christmas decorations. There were some stunning wreathes and Christmas lights and some scrummy candles! While we were there we nipped into the cafe for a spot of afternoon tea. I had a tea for one and a plain scone with cream and jam and it was bloody lovely! I couldn't even finish the scone!
And now for tonight - I've made a little crock pot full of beef casserole in preparation for the I'm a Celebrity final tonight, I'm just catching up with last nights episode and honestly think the Cyclone Challenge looks like SO much fun! - #TEAMVICKY by the way! Also later I'm planning a big bubbly bath filled with lots of Lush goodies from Thursday!

I hope everyone is having a cracking Sunday - What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. Hope you're feeling better! I've loved reading your blog over the past month or so since I found ya!

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog :)