29 December 2015


After my one whole day of doing absolutely nothing we had to continue with the tour of family members. We quickly ventured into Victoria centre in Nottingham and they've finally finished all the refurb work!

We searched around the various sales and as our stomachs started to rumble we stumbled across the new eatery's that have opened! First we saw Ed's Diner - which seems to be a staple of every massive shopping establishment - then a new place called Joe's Kitchen. We eventually strolled downstairs after a slightly heated debate about lunch - do all couples have these arguments about lunch? - and came across a little shop front called Tortilla.

This little chain of restaurants was created by Brandon and Jen, a Californian couple who just couldn't find a decent place to have burritos in London! They definitely wouldn't have that trouble now as they have 19 in London alone!

If you've read any of my other food reviews you will see I'm a slightly fussy eater. I like things mostly plain and tend to skip the sauce and salad section at Subway so the thought of something like this for any food genre is a little exciting for me.

Anyway, we decided on Tortilla. On first glance the menu is pretty small - with only 3 main dishes on offer before 3pm - but once you make your way to the serving area you are surrounded by choices to make your chosen dish your own! EEEEK!

If your feeling particularly festive you can have a margarita or a beer too!

I went for the Burrito with tomato rice and black beans. I also asked for a teeny little bit of salsa to liven things up a bit. The staff were really helpful and I definitely didn't have any complaints surrounding their Burrito wrapping skills. Finding a seat was also relatively easy and the place was really clean even at rush hour of 1pm.

The burrito itself was really tasty - although the chicken was a little bit dry I'm reserving judgement as I did get the very last bit from the tub before it was replaced - and SO filling! I didn't even have room to eat the Tortilla chips!

If you pass by one of their stores I would definitely give them a try! Something a little different to your usual sandwich at lunchtime!

You can see more about Tortilla on their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. I'm a pretty fussy eater so I don't know if it would be my thing but the self serving aspect looks good x


    1. £5 is a bit steep for chicken and rice in a wrap haha. I'm really fussy but I have gotten better over the last couple of years...still hate mayonnaise though! :)

  2. This sounds delicious! Definitely a place to visit if I'm ever in Nottingham. Loving your blog (and about section!) by the way. Isn't Twitter great for finding new reads?!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

    1. There are some all over the country in most big cities...LOADS in London too so if you pass one I would definitely try it out! I love a good blogger chat on Twitter to find new people :D