30 December 2015


I'm a little late to the party on the "what I got for Christmas" front but better late than never!
I just had so many lovely things I couldn't put it ALL into a post and I felt a little mean choosing some presents but not others. But after reading everyone else's it got me so excited...I've changed my mind!

So these are a few of the highlights from my MASSIVE Christmas stocking!

Firstly, I'm not quite sure how Lakeland still has anything left in stock! My Mum & Dad and Kieran seemed to have gone a little baking mad this year and stocked up my cakey cupboard. I'm mega excited to make some rainbow cupcakes with LOTS of icing on top!

I received lots of little bits and bobs - I have a slight obsession with Wall-e and I have wanted the mug from the Disney store for AGES! Kieran also got me a little Wall-e Pop! which is features in my post header. I also got this Berry Trifle Yankee Candle. I love Christmas as my living room is red and it's so easy to find year round accessories at Christmas! 

I also got a few Lush gift sets from Kieran and friends but unfortunately I have made my way through half of them already so this one if the only full box remaining! This is the Sweet Christmas box featuring Rosejam Bubbleroon, Yog Nog, Lush Pud, Magic Wand bath goodies, Tooth Fairy tooth powder, Snow Fairy and The Comforter shower cream.

This little beauty was top of my Christmas list! Kieran was a sneaky so and so and told me that they had all sold out and he didn't get me on but he did!! I love the colour and it has plenty of card space! It also matches my Michael Kors bag and my Barbour coat - ever so coordinated! Unfortunately they are all now sold out but I'm pretty sure you can still get it in black.

Second from the top of my list was a new pair of Ugg boots. I know there are some horror stories about how they are made and I feel awful but I can't live without mine! This year my Mum & Dad bought me the ankle length which I love. My Mum also bought me these lovely scarf from Next. It is so soft and really long - I love a long scarf!
Although I couldn't find the actually Next scarf there was a very similar one in New Look that I have linked below.

I hope you have enjoyed having a nosey at my Christmas presents! Leave a comment and your links to your Christmas posts too! :)


  1. that purse is gorgeous! you got some lovely things

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    1. Thank you, I fell in love with it too! I really was spoilt this year! :) I hope you had a fab Christmas!

  2. What lovely gifts! I love seeing what everyone got! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. I know, I'm a right nosey so and so too! :P

  3. You received some really lovely things! I love the purse and the candle.. total perfection xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. The candle smells so scrummy its staying up through out the rest of the year! Plus it matches the purse too! :D

  4. Waw lovely gifts! I like seeing what everyone got!
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