21 January 2016


Everyone needs a little pick me up when they are feeling blue. That's the one thing I love about subscription boxes. Your postman who usually brings you bills and junk mail turns up one day with a little box of happiness. A box containing surprises and goodies that are just for you.

I love a good subscription box so this year I have decided instead of treating myself to copious amounts of chocolate or more clothes I don't need I will treat myself once a month to a little box full of joy.

This month I've decided to kick off my series with My Little Box - a french brand whose concept I really love. They provide 1 must have beauty product, 1 product from their own my little beauty range, a fashion/lifestyle accessory, a unique illustrated goody and another little surprise. They change their box theme every month having previously featured My Little Sweet Box and My Little Cosy Box and also a special box by Fleur de Force.

I really like the concept as unlike your usual beauty boxes its not just lipsticks and nail polish's - not that I don't appreciate a good nail polish but its always nice to find something different!

So, here is is! I absolutely love the packaging. This was one of the things that lead me to chose this box first. This illustrations are so delicate and chic - I literally want to be this girl on the front! - and this box is so well presented. It honestly did make me feel warm and fuzzy when I opened it!

This month contained some fabulous goodies which included a pretty Walt Disney quote, a My Little Beauty Lipbalm - that smells like candy floss may I add! - and a stunning diary for 2016!

You also got these cute friendship type bracelets - or Petit Riens which translates to Little Things in French - that you can tear off and send to your besties who are far away or having a tough time - just because!

Seriously! How cute is this diary! The illustrations for each month are beautiful and the added little notes really made me smile.

My Little Box is one of the loveliest boxes I've ever received and I would definitely give it a 10/10. I honestly cannot fault anything about it! Go and order yourself one, right now!!

Have you ordered it yet? GO GO GO!


  1. I used to subscribe to My Little Box, but cancelled it because I got a few boxes which I was extremely disappointed in and literally threw the entire contents away because they were no use to me. However, this box looks really nice!

    1. I think it's the same for a lot of boxes though. I felt the same about Glossybox after a few boxes but then after a while I wishes I'd subscribed again. I think the only negative is that you can't preview what their "theme" will be so you can't see if you'll like it or not :)

  2. These boxes look so great! :-)


  3. I always think that the my little box's look so twee and chic :)

    Corinne x

    1. Me too! I just like the idea of a different use every month! :D

    2. Me too! I just like the idea of a different use every month! :D

  4. I unsubscribed last month but this box looks so good I regret doing so! How cute is that diary?!

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

    1. I think its always the same with boxes, some can be very hit and miss! My little box this month was really cute too - it had a little photo frame and cushion cover! Very handy when I'm moving house!