11 January 2016


Oh January! The month in which at least half of the UK population develops post Christmas motivation and promises themselves they will look like their dream celebrity in 6 months time. I am no stranger from this group who descend upon the gym in search of Victoria Secret models stomach and J-Lo's booty.

You've brought brand new trainers and some confidence boosting gym wear but what you really need to invest in are these little babies! Popband is a brand that produce hair ties that have a "no crease" policy and don't damage or dent hair. They sound so simple but I am in awe by them!

Let me set the scene *cue mystic music* Your off for a quick half an hour workout before work but you REALLY don't want to wash your hair in the showers after. You merely whip your hair up in one of these Popbands before your workout and shake it back down when your finished! Viola! No creases!

I first discovered the brand before Christmas. My bestie has afro hair and a low tolerance for it going poofy so constantly ties it up. Feel Unique ran an offer on them so I bought her and myself some.
I can honestly say I haven't touched an actual elastic hair band since! No joke!
I was a little dubious about whether they would actually "hold" as well as standard elastics do but these doubts where quashed very quickly! I now use them whilst I'm doing my make up, mooching around the shops and working out and these beauties can withstand it all, dent free!

They also look much prettier on your wrist - I have a red, Christmas themed one which said bestie thought was a decorative bracelet! - and don't leave you with an irritating dent inbetween wearing.

They also come in a ton of fabulous colours and designs - I've got my eyes on these floral ones for Spring/Summer. Popbands also sell headbands which add a bit of colour when on the beach, in the gym or even cleaning your kitchen!

I definitely won't be missing hair bobbles any time soon!

You can see more from Popbands at thepopband.com or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Don't forget to use the code HELLO10 at the checkout for 10% off!


  1. These seem such a good idea, I find when i use regular hair bands, it tends to dry my hair and cause split ends. Plus, I love your blog! x

    1. I think so too! I have layers in my hair and the ends are knackered because of normal hairbands so these are working wonders. Aww thank you :D I love your layout!xx