12 January 2016


Ok, so it's not a Wednesday and not everyone might like Pretty Little Liars...but you know what, I DON'T CARE! I am far too excited for 6B to commence tomorrow so I've put together a little montage of my FAVOURITE moments of all the episodes - just for a bit of fun! Don't forget to let me know yours too.

S5 E20 Pretty isn't the Point - Literally one of the most hilarious moments...EVER!! Hanna is basically me after a few too many jager bombs! I'm also ridiculously envious on how fit Emily looks when she dances...I fail miserably! 

S3 E2 Blood is the New Black - My whole love for Pretty Little Liars is down to the sarcasm, come backs and general fiesty-ness and THIS is one of the best examples of this. I normally only love Aria for her fashion and for her half of Ezria but this is one of her finest moments!

S1 E18 The Badass Seed - The best thing in this episode apart from Aria's cracking wardrobe is seeing Caleb all wet and butt naked in the shower...oh the things I would do...I digress. I also love seeing Haleb grow into the sweetest couple ever. I'm absolutely gutted that none of the couples are together in the 5 years forward...fingers crossed for Haleb!

S5 E15 How the "A" Stole Christmas - I love EVERYTHING about this episode! From Ghostly Mona haunting Ali to Caleb and Ezra in silk santa boxers. I think it might be partially down to the partial context to "A Christmas Carol" but all in all this is my FAVE episode of all!

S3 E5 That Girl is Poison - I love Spencer! Even with her controlling, neurotic, pill popping ways I love her and I think this is one of the best lines I've ever heard.  

And can we just take a second to appreciate my favourite thing about PLL...Aria's eyebrows!

I hope everyone is MASSIVELY excited for tomorrow - I'm going AWOL from Twitter for the day so no spoilers please!!

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