18 January 2016


It seems that you can buy just about anything online now days and even get it delivered the next day! If you fancy a cake, just order it. In some city's you can even have booze dropped off at your door. But something that sits closely to my heart is tea! And Teapigs cater for all your tea related needs!
The brand was created in 2006 by Nick and Louise who are striving to provide the highest quality tea. You won't find any PG Tips here! They only sell the loveliest, most fragrant loose tea either on its own or in their own special tea temples.

They also have a wide variety of flavours to suit any taste - from Everyday Brew to Apple & Cinnamon. They also come in different pack sizes - for this post I decided to go with sample pack's of 2 which I greatly regretted at I'm completely in love and pining for payday to hurry up!

When I opened the little box I automatically fell for the packaging, so simple but it really looks classy and fancy! The kind of tea worthy of a pinky raise! I really love the packaging as they include how to make the desired cup of tea and a little bit of background on the origin. Now you don't get that with your Tetleys! The tea temples are derived from cornstarch and completely compostable - they also remind me of the really fancy one's in Starbucks which I love!! 

I decided to go with 3 tea's to try out. Everyday Brew, - naturally! - Chamomile and Green Tea with Mint. I like Green Tea but sometimes find it leaves a really horrid taste in my mouth but I love peppermint so I thought I would give these a try. I also struggle sleeping sometimes so thought Chamomile might help.

The first tea I had to try though was Everyday Brew. I've been feeling a bit rubbish for the last week  and there is nothing better than a good cuppa and your duvet when your a bit poorly. I have mine with milk and 2 1/2 sugars and it tasted heavenly! The mug is also from M&S earlier this year...just in case you were wondering...

I can safely say, it was the best tea I've ever tasted! I was so gutted when I ran out...I was planning on sharing with Kieran but unfortunately it was too nice and it was all gone by the time he got home.

Now, not that I am one to have a bias opinion on hot beverages so if this isn't your cup of tea - pardon my pun! - then why not try Pact coffee. A coffee subscription which delivers a new flavour every month to your door. It doesn't matter whether you prefer to use a filter or cafetiere, you can chose your method before ordering. I'm not a massive fan of coffee but I will admit they smell amazing! 

I'm definitely going to be reordering from Teapigs - I've got my eye on the Chocolate Flake tea! I'd recommend checking out both these brands at Teapigs.co.uk and PactCoffee.com.

Which side are you on, tea or coffee? 

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  1. I love tea (massive understatement, addicted would be a better word to use), but I've never tried any of the teapigs tea. It looks so nice and I've always heard great reviews of it - I'll to get some soon!

    Jemima x