28 February 2016


We did it! I feel physically knackered and like I've done 1000 squats but we have officially moved! I've moved house a fair few times in the last few years but for some reason you always seem to forget how stressful and generally shit the weeks/days leading up to the big day are! You are also completely unaware of how much of a hoarder you are!

Now the dust has settled all I want to do is get into a big bubbly bath and get my butt back to blogging! So for my first proper post in about a month I decided to put together a list of advise for anyone who is moving, whether it be the 1st or 22nd time.

If your like me and have a ridiculous amount of stuff that needs shifting definitely don't try and do it all your self. This year we hired 2 blokes and a van to help move us and it was so quick and easy I'd definitely recommend it. It doesn't even have to break the bank - we found a brilliant company locally who shifted all our stuff in 2 hours and for a small price of £70, which after all the money you've spent on your new abode is hardly anything!

I'm a really lazy unpacker! Once I've moved I just want to plug in my wifi and have a little break, even if it's just for the day! When you just shove everything into the first available box this doesn't really happen! Not only does labeling your boxes help the movers/your family to put the boxes in the righ place - which saves you lugging in up and down the stairs later - it helps you find the things you need ASAP. The first time I moved I spent a good 10 minutes searching through boxes with a bloody finger wrapped in kitchen roll looking for plasters after slicing myself with a knife.

Like you would when you jet off on a holiday, take a little bag of essentials! I use one of my big blue IKEA bags as they are so easy to pack and throw around. I usually chuck in some tea making bits - because everyone wants a brew after moving! - a cleaning sponge and spray - because some houses are minging! - and some snacks - because moving make you peckish.

Moving isn't glamorous work! You'll be sweaty, dusty and you need to be able to move about comfortably. I usually throw on my hoody and leggings or even my gym gear just to I can lift boxes and run about without hiking up my jeans every 5 minutes.

I am the queen of procrastination when I don't want to do something but when it comes to moving I like to get everything moved so I can just relax. There's nothing worse than getting comfy on the sofa after moving all the boxes and then remembering you've got 40 bags of clothes to still move.

After your all moved in and surrounded by your half unpacked box fort you will probably need a big pamper. I know I currently resemble and us groomed yetty right now as I'm well overdue on shaving my legs - my poor boyfriend! - and I can't actually remember the last time I washed my hair. So tonight I have scheduled in a big bubbly bath and some quality "me" time away from it all....after I've cleaned the bathroom anyway!

Because...well...moving is damn stressful!

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to move soon or impart some wisdom onto others in general. I've missed blogging so much and my god it feels good to be back!

If anyone is looking for mover is the Sheffield/Yorkshire area, I can't recommend these guys enough. 2 Man 1 Van Sheffield: Twitter Facebook Website

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