17 March 2016


As I'm trying to take on a little bit more of a healthy eating routine I decided to ban all chocolate from the house - honestly no idea what I was thinking!? - and after realising that I needed something sweet I turned to the quickest and easiest sweet treat - Jam Tarts! They don't have to be pretty or perfect like cupcakes, they just have to taste scrummy!

Any flavoured jam - I've used Hartleys smooth because I'm fussy and don't like bits!
28g sugar
255g plain flour
140g butter
6tbsp water
A pinch of salt
Round cutters - if you don't own cutters grab a small thin glass or even a wine glass.

Grab a big bowl and add the sugar, butter and flour
Knead and rub ingredients together until your dough has a breadcrumb consistency
Flour a surface and roll your dough out into a 1cm thick slab of dough with a floured rolling pin
Cut into circles with your chosen cutters
Grease your tin with butter and gently place in your circles
Take a teaspoon of jam and plop in the centre of your circles
Put in the oven for 15/20 minutes on around 190*
Leave to cool and dig in with a big cup of tea

And here we have some fruity jam tarts - perfect for a cosy afternoon treat!

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  1. These look so good Jess! I love homemade jam tarts, they're so much better than shop bought ones! Will definitely have to try making these soon :) xo