8 March 2016


Every Lush fan knows that when it comes to seasonal goods, Lush knocks it out of the park! There have been some fab additions this year and as much as I love their Christmas collection, I'm a sucker for a sweet, candy sort of smell so I was really looking forward to their Spring collection! Naturally I got ridiculously excited when I got an invite to Lush @ Sheffield's Spring event this week!
Luckily for you guys, my camera battery ran out half way through but there are still a hefty amount of Spring goodness for you to oogle at!

The ladies at Lush Sheffield always put on a cracking display and this was no exception! We were welcomed in and had a selection of stations to chose from skincare to gift sets and even making our own bath bombs - EEEK! So this post is basically a sneak peak into that night - and what I bought at the end! But firstly let's take a look around the store at some of the fab Easter goodies on offer!

After a quick introduction a little group of us headed over to our first station - making our own Butterball bath bombs! We were given little metal bowls and 2 pots of ingredients which we were asked to pop into the bowl and mix together. We were then given 2 halves to the sphere to fill with the mixture and we had to make sure it was all pressed down tightly - I had to dig into a little extra mixture as I did get it EVERYWHERE! Then we pressed the 2 halves together and twisted them into place. Making bath bombs is honestly the most therapeutic thing I have ever done, it's so relaxing! If Lush ever make a "make your own bathbomb kit" it's going straight on my Christmas list!

VOILA! My finished Butterball! I left it to set for a good 12 hours and it actually stayed together! I was super impressed and can't wait to use it!

Afterwards we headed to the next station for Mothers Day and Easter gifts. Seriously look at this display and take it all in! There was so much here! My personal favourites for Mothers Day were the Happy Mothers Day Pamper Hamper. I love the little planter that it all comes in and all the floral bath products it comes with. It even includes a cuticle lotion - perfect for green fingered Mum's who love a good pamper! It also includes the Sunflower bubble bar which is only available in selected boxes! Although it is past Mothers day now, these seasonal goodies are still in stores and online so go and get one quick! 

I love the idea of Easter themed goodies - I'm a pretty strong chocolate eater but not all people are and it's nice for me to have an Easter themed bath whilst I demolish 7 chocolate eggs! - and I was my favourite was the Good Egg gift box! Unfortunately it's been that much of a top seller I couldn't buy one at the event but I will be heading out to get one soon! It's such a great value for money and comes with 6 fabulous bath products. If you are looking for a cheeky treat that won't break the bank I would definitely check out Bouncy Bunny. Inside this cute bunny wrap are an array of little treats perfect for a night of relaxation. Featuring a bath bomb, a bubble bar, a bar of soap and a shower jelly this is perfect for someone in need of some "me time".

We also got a demo of the Ladybird bubble bar in action - I love it when they do the jug thing! It fascinates me to no end! - and OH MY is it scrummy! It has this really sweet Vimto smell that I just love and you only need half of it to create a mega amount of bubbles! All of the new products are pretty much multiuse so your getting even more bang for your buck!

The lovely Samm modelling one of her favourite Mother's Day boxes! This is turning in to an event tradition!
If you want to give the ladies at Lush Sheffield a follow - you'll  find them on the links above!

On our way out they we're also kind enough to gift us with a fabulous goody bag - which I have used to start filling up my little plastic bath tub! We received The Sacred Truth face mask, Honey I Washed the Kids soap, Sunrise soap, a Ladybird bubble bar and a Humpty Dumpty bath bomb.

I also bought some Easter goodies for myself: Which came first, Mask of Magnaminty, Bunch of Carrots, Golden Egg, Unicorn, Maypole, Flowering Tea, Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments.

I have already made my way through half of these so I can safely say I will be stocking up again soon! What's your favourite from the new collections?

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  1. It was lovely to see you again! Hope you are enjoying your goodies! x