31 March 2016


Every now and again it's always nice to have a cheeky splurge on some new make up! So as soon as I started having to scrape my foundation out of the bottle I was straight out the door and heading for MAC for my foundation fix! I also picked up a little something extra and came home with MAC Studio Tech Foundation and MAC Moisturecover Concealer.

It was around a year ago that I started my MAC journey. My first foundation was the Studio Fix Fluid which is a great coverage foundation but it just didn't suit my skin type. It looks great for the first few hours but soon it sunk into my skin exposing my dehydrated pours - must drink more water! Must drink more water! When I reached the make up counter I sought out some help from the lovely ladies at MAC Meadowhall and she pointed me in the direction of this.

The MAC Studio Tech Foundation (£25.50) is a "tri system blend formula" which basically means it's powder, water and oil based, all in one, which makes it a lot more versatile and works out quite perfect for me and my awkward skin type. MAC have also said this is a medium coverage foundation but it still seems to cover a number of skin sins without feeling too heavy.

Although I think the shade I was matched too is a little warm for me - I usually get an NW10 and then warm it up but I was given the NC15 as I think this is the lightest shade they do in this foundation... -  the coverage is flawless. It doesn't feel sticky when applying and it gives you a slightly matte but bright finish. The only thing I was a little anxious about how on earth I would apply this little pot of goodness to my face. Firstly I have never dealt in anything that wasn't a liquid foundation and secondly, let's face it, the ladies at MAC are goddess's with skills I will never possess! I originally tried it with the sponge it comes with but I just felt like it wasted a lot on the sponge. I then switched to my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I have been using my finger to dab the foundation in places all around my face and then blending all over with the brush. So far this is the easiest way to get the best coverage...or so I've found anyway.

Whilst I was in the MAC hot seat I thought I'd try out a new concealer as my current concealer is quite heavy. I was recommended the MAC Moisturecover Concealer (£15.50) as its light liquid consistency is perfect for dark circles and delicate skin under the eyes.

The concealer feels really silky and light in texture and is very brightening. On the odd occasion where I've not had time to put on a full face of make up I've just used this on its own to brighten my face and make me look less zombie like and it's worked brilliantly. A little also goes a long way. Just one dip will generously cover under both of my eyes perfectly. I just apply with the built in brush (which is very soft!) and use my finger to blend.

Although I may save the foundation for nights out as it is a little warmer than I would choose for in the day, I am completely in love with the concealer. I have a MAC make up in 60 lesson in a few weeks time so I will definitely seek some foundation advise.

What foundations and concealers are your favourites from MAC?

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  1. I really like Mac concealers but their foundations break me out unfortunately :/ I need to give this moisturecover concealer a try though :) xx


  2. I really like the look of the MAC concealer, I don't actually own any MAC base products so this would be ideal to add to my collection to try out as I'm always on the look out for a great concealer.

    Kirsty x