2 March 2016


It's been pretty hard to avoid the hype surrounding Tresemme's Beauty Full Volume Reverse System. From TV advertisements to big name bloggers EVERYONE is talking about this product. Most of us have probably heard about the whole "reverse washing" technique - where you condition before you shampoo to boost volume - and now a product has been brought to the shelves of high street stores everyone is going crazy and rightly so! Who doesn't want shiny and voluminous hair!

I can safely say that I am one of those people on the hunt for bigger hair. My curiosity has been awakened and I couldn't help but give it a try - no free samples here! Purely me sneaking it into our weekly shop with the peppers and the Ben and Jerry's - and even my boyfriend was intrigued at the idea.

So for the last week I've been reversing my shower routine - which is a little bit confusing when you've been doing the same thing over and over again for 25 years and structure your whole face/body washing regime around it! - and as weird as it feels I'm actually getting used to it.

So first up is the pre-wash conditioner. Just 2-3 pumps and your ready to go. It is a little lighter than your normal conditioner and left my hair with that squeaky clean sort of feeling. Definitely better that your standard shampoo. After leaving on for a minute you wash away and then lather up the shampoo like you would usually.

My hair is usually pretty knotty unless I use an amazing conditioner and the reverse system left my hair relatively easy to brush. After blow drying it was also pretty clear that I had a bit of added volume. The only negative was that after a few hours it became quite flyaway and static so I'm not sure how suitable these products are for dryer hair types.

All in all, this product definitely does what it says on the tin. I'll definitely be giving it a good try through out the month to see if anything changes on the static front! I'd recommend giving it a go but maybe choose the smaller bottles before blowing out on the bigger ones...just in case.

What do you think? Have you tried the Tresemme Reverse System yet?

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  1. This sounds like a really good product! I haven't used Tresemme shampoo and conditioner products in so long! Going to have to look into this, sounds amazing. I'm always on the hunt for anything to give me volume too.

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥